June 7 update


That, my friends, is the “end of the Great Wall” of China.


I blogged for years at Urban Onramps dot com. From the late 1990s (pre Y2k - remember that?) Sometime around 2010 or 2012, I let the name go. Blogging had changed. More people had platforms, more voices were “out there,” and I didn’t have time to keep up with changes. I let the name registration lapse. Someone picked it up - I don’t know who. They held it for years and did nothing with it. There is an industry of domain flippers who buy names and hold them to sell for profit. I probed a few times since then about re-acquiring the name. I was in no rush. I could never get an upfront price. Fast forward: In March, I got an email about a GoDaddy service called AfterNIC, a “one-stop location to buy and sell domains.” GoDaddy is credible, so I probed. I searched for Urban Onramps dot com and found a price: $288. I gave it a shot. They took my money right away, but I could not get the domain for 60 days. It’s been 60 days, and I just got notified that the domain is mine. What will I do with it? I still don’t know. Since 2012 there has been an even greater explosion of platforms, voices, blogs, vlogs, streams, etc. Not sure. But I will do something, even if it’s just to attach the name to this, my SubStack.


  • 30 years ago, Romania deprived thousands of babies of human contact. Here's what's become of them. (The Atlantic)

  • The summer job market for teens is sweet. (Wall Street Journal)

  • Code for Life is growing - Code for Life is a NYC-based nonprofit taking 70 middle and high school students from Harlem and the Bronx through software development courses. Software courses include Web Basics (HTML, CSS, Git), JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails. Partners include Harlem Children’s Zone, Bowery Mission, Young Life, and PS 349.


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Memories of my years in Grand Rapids (2009-18). My three girls at Garfield Park. Winter was finally over.